Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel 100 Series

All Guardian Angel models carry an IP-67 or better rating.

Yes, Archangel Device charge cords use a common connector for all products.

Yes, there are numerous mounting options. Please visit the Accessories link to see all available mounting options.

The magnets are rare earth magnets known as Neodymium. A Neodymium magnet is a permanent magnet made from an alloy of neodymium, iron, and boron to form the Nd2Fe14B tetragonal crystalline structure. This material is currently the strongest known type of permanent magnet.

In most cases it will. The unit is designed to be water resistant if the charging port plug is securely in place, however the unit is not designed to be waterproof. Archangel Device does not recommend submerging this device in water for long periods of time.

The Guardian Angel® can last up to 93 hours of continuous use.
Note: This is dependent on the cycles activated and if the power saving mode is utilized.

Lithium-ion batteries are recyclable and should be recycled. If thrown away they may pose a threat to the environment and should never be incinerated since they may explode. Many stores that sell rechargeable batteries often offer free recycling of them as well.

Rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries. They are lighter, work better in cold weather, do not retain a memory during charging, and have more capacity than a regular battery the same size. All of these factors contribute to the Guardian Angel® extreme run times.

Press the power saving button, which reduces the output by about half. Press again to return to full intensity.

To see how to activate the power saving mode, refer to the Operation Overview card in the box or go to Archangeldevice.com to view a button function diagram.

No, the warranty is void if it is taken apart by someone other than Archangel Device or an Archangel Device designee.

Independently select front “F” and rear “R” – this will activate a third 360 degrees revolving light pattern.

When the unit is fully charged the battery life indicator light will be a constant (not flashing) green.

This usually indicates the battery is completely depleted. Plug the unit into a valid power source and charge for at least 30 minutes. Check to see if the green LED is flashing, this indicates the unit is taking a charge.

Make sure the unit is fully charged. Check the LED power indicator light near the charging port. A green light indicates the battery is charged, an orange light indicates the unit should be charged soon, and a red light indicates the unit should be charged as soon as possible.

The Guardian Angel® has been rated up to 2+ miles of visibility.

Reflective vests are effective from 250 feet only if they are illuminated by light. The Guardian Angel® can be seen up to 2+ miles away unassisted.