Guardian Angel

Safety You Can See

The First Wearable Light Bar

Guardian angels are known to quietly guide and protect. The Guardian Angel device does the same. Guardian Angel is designed for peak performance and optimal personal safety whether on duty or off.

Get Your Personal Guardian Angel

  • Military
  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire/EMS/Rescue
  • Security
  • Government
  • Public Utilities
  • Workplace Safety
  • Construction
  • Industrial Transportation
  • Farming/Equestrian
  • K-9
  • Recreational Sports
  • Water Sports
  • Winter Sports
  • Motor Sports

Your Perfect Partner

Created to Get You Home Safe

The Guardian Angel provides personal visibility and versatility in a durable lightweight device. It was designed by law enforcement officers and first responders to be as tough as the people who wear it.

Benefits of Guardian Angel

  • Visibility

    industry certified visibility 
up to 2+ miles

    360° projection with isolated 
front/rear illumination

  • Durability

    weather reistant for extreme conditions

    up to 93 hours of continuous 
battery life

  • Versatility

    lightweight and portable

mounting options

“Any time we can increase police visibility, I think it’s an advantage. I want officers who are on bicycles or walking to be visible to (all folks) because I think it pays dividends.”

Alderman, Milwaukee WI

“Great hands free safety design. An easily worn, easy to operate device that adds another layer of officer safety and enhances situational awareness during critical incidents.”

Chief of Police, Pleasant Prairie Police Department WI

“This is a PREMIER law enforcement traffic safety tool. It has saved my officers from being struck by passing traffic countless number of times!”